Monday, November 30, 2020

Out now on Tapete/Bureau B: the crisp new rereleases of two iconic Der Plan albums, "Die Peitsche des Lebens" and "Es ist eine fremde und seltsame Welt", the latter referred to among fans simply as "Welt". Both records as CD and vinyl LP. Check out the page on the label website!


There's also a new video!


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Hannah said...

Hi! I found your music a little while ago and I am a fan! My favourite track of yours is ‘Europa-Hymne’ off of Perlen, but when I went to listen to it on spotify it was a different song to what I originally listened to? Is this a glitch or was I just imagining the song to begin with haha. The track I’m speaking about started off with the noise of a bottle breaking and footsteps. I couldn’t find anything else about it online, so I thought why not ask the experts!