Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Surprise gig of Der Plan 5.0 beta at Pangaea Island Farewell Party @ The Bluebird

Planned ahead only a day before the actual gig a new set-up of Der Plan entered the (virtual) stage for what has to be called a truly Time-Tunnel-experience. The occasion was a rather sad one: After more than 2 years of starring as a paradise miniature the island of Pangaea seized to exist. The former presence of Universal Music Germany had been a highly acclaimed piece of artwork loved by numerous visitors (almost 7000 to be more precise) over the years. Due to lack of imagination on the side of major company officials the funding was withdrawn by the end of 2008. "No reason to worry", says co-designer, producer and architect Mo Eriksen aka Moritz R® of Der Plan. "We will continue our most creative platform elsewhere in SL. In fact, when you visit Shermerville you'll find two of the most flowery locations miraculously reanimated plus a super-chic super-modern Art Gallery called The Shermerville Arts And Science Club, short: SASC."
After a warm-up party at the Ladybird Garage on Pangaea, DJed by Mo himself, the crowd moved to the Bluebird to watch an astounding gig of Der Plan, staged with original masks and stage designs from the early 80s. The two new supporting band members Popeye 235 Papp, a long-time fan of the band, on the keyboards and lovely Miss Moni Duettmann, Pangaea architect herself, on the drums completed a set that left some of the old Plan-fans in amazement as well as a group of visitors from Cologne in speechless state-of-shock. A filmed documentary of the gig will be produced.
The party ended not before 4 in the night with a superb chill-out mix brought to the turntables by Helma Beerbaum, the most lovely elf, sim owner of Van Dyck Park.

Mo giving energy to the disco crowd at the Garage

All the old decorations were still in very good shape