Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Interview mit Moritz R® anlässlich der Wiederveröffentlichung der ersten beiden Plan-LPs auf Buero B.
Artikel in der Rheinischen Post
Bureau B - hier gibt's die Platten!


[uzine] said...

Great to see Bureau B reissue the first two with bnus tracks. Hope albums three and four will follow. However, sad to see "Wir werden immer mehr" is missing among the bonus tracks, ànd very disappointed you've not printed àny info on the bonus tracks!? Could you please ask Bureau B to add that info to their site, or place it here? Vielen Dank!

Moritz R said...

I haven't been in the process of putting this reissue together. Usually I am against bonus tracks anyway. ;-) Maybe I can answer specific questions though.

Also soon there will be an album out, that you may find interesting. It's a compilation called THE SOUND OF GERI REIG. It will contain the early Pre-Der Plan music that formed the idea of Geri reig as a musical style. I promise to give better info in the liner notes!