Friday, October 15, 2010

Das Geld, the money, l'argent

And the Lord said: look ye, I shall bestow upon the people an unlimited supply of worthless paper. The people shall place their stamp upon this worthless paper and give it a name. They shall call it money. And the people shall believe that their money, which in reality is the paper of God, indeed possesses value. And they shall dedicate all their possessions to such paper. And their work. And their time. They will do all these things in order to own the paper and to hoard it. And their greed for the paper shall become insane. And Satan shall then deceive them into practicing evil deeds in order to obtain more of the paper. They shall act in a manner counter to the laws of the land. They shall become true criminals. In response, I, The Lord, I shall shower the people with an overabundance of this money. Each person shall have more money than he could ever spend in a lifetime. But the money shall be unreal and shall have no inherent value. Those who try to collect it will become corrupted and their efforts shall be fruitless. Some of them, however, shall be granted luck; such that some of the paper they collect shall have real value. There shall be but few of these lucky ones, but they shall be rewarded. Unless of course, they choose to keep the paper for themselves and their own purposes, The lucky money they find will give them the opportunity to buy something of true value. My music. Those lucky people who discover the real money shall be given the gift of My music – if they so choose. But they will have to choose, for I have given them Free Will. And free money. This money shall lead them to Truth. To music. To My music. And so it will be done.

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